Bjarne Sørensen


...creating pure digital magic!

Personal statement

As a Developer I love the feeling of learning and growing in my field everyday. This in a field that constantly expands, improves and reinvents itself.

The pure digital magic got me hooked. I have not found another craft where you can build something real with only a text editor and a little time. This is what satisfies me the most, starting a project from scratch, letting the idea ripe and turning it into something that brings others joy.

I like the different challenges a project presents and the solution process – always trying to think outside the box. I found that a structured work-flow will get me a great deal of the way.

I am an developer, who would like to join a team of like-minded developers. A experienced student in the creative field of web-development with more than a years work experience in a variety of exciting assignments.

Technically fit and aware means that each project is undertaken with the most up-to-date and relevant programming foundations available. There is always ways to improve your code.

A strong communicator with the ability to convey ideas clearly with an emphasis on client satisfaction and fluent in three link

When I am not programming, I am climbing and making music. However mostly not at the same time!


The beginning..

Starting out with the very basics working with HTML and CSS, seeing the first traces of style on my homepage to implementing SCSS and continuing with mastering Javascript, Jquery and fetching the first API’s and working with the information.



Javascript, JQuery, ES06


Project Management


The visible parts of the motor

Building flexible frontends using Bootstrap 4 and modern responsive design techniques.


The service-sector magic

Setting up secure servers that handle the load of applications and are running on cloud-based services.


The business of logic

Building modern applications using node.js, Express and MongoDB, that are secure and reliable.

The latest..

Mastering the Bootstrap framework, at enjoying the many doors this opened. Starting out with the very basic of node.js to building a small well-running shop with MongoDB working its magic in the back-end. Still getting to know the possibilities with React.




Bootstrap Framework

Digital Ocean, GIT, Deployment


..Coffee and a talk?